Nicolenka Beltrán Fierro


Jan. 2004 – Master in cognitive semiotics, Aarhus-Denmark
Jan. 1994- July 1998 Bachelor of arts, Guadalajara-Mexico

Professional experience:

Sep. 2004 – Danish version of “la historia de todos”

Apr. 2002 – Co filmmaker and co producer of “The plumed horn - story from the sixties"
Independent project support by University of Aarhus and Cultural Foundation for the arts in Mexico.

Aug. 2003 Photographer and editor of “The Tarot of Marseille”
Documentary/France-Spain/2003/minidv/45min. Independent project support by the Camoin House.

Aug. 2000 – feb. 2003 Photographer of “la historia de todos”
Animation/México/2003/16 mm/10min. Independent project support by ITESO, Cultural Foundations for the arts in México.
•  Audience award and acknowledge from Brazilian documentary film association SAO PAULO International Short Film Festival, Brazil 2004
•  The Kenneth F. and Harle G. Montgomery award for Best Child-Produced Film CHICAGO International Children Film Festival, E.E.U.U. 2004
•  First work Award EXPRESIÓN EN CORTO International film festival, México 2004
•  Best animation film ANIMADRID Film Festival , Madrid Spain 2003
•  Best animation film VIÑA DEL MAR International film festival, Chile 2003
•  Best animation film and audience award CUADRO film festival, México 2003
•  Best animation film MORELIA International film festival, México 2003
Official Selection:
•  ANIMA MUNDI International animation Festival of Brazil 2005
•  ARIEL Mexican Film Awards 2005
•  MILWAUKEE International film festival, E.E. U.U. 2004
•  ROTTERDAM International film festival, Netherlands 2004
•  SUNDANCE International film festival, E.E.U.U. 2004
•  DEL SURESTE International film festival, Mérida Mexico 2004
•  HUESCA International film festival, Spain 2004
•  KRAKOW International film festival, Poland 2004
•  ZLÍN International film festival for children and youth, Czech Republic 2004
•  ANNECY International animation film festival, France 2004
GUADALAJARA International film festival, México 2003

Sep. 1998 – Dec. 2002 Teaching photography in Cabañas Culture Institute

Jun. 2001 Photographer of “Animation.01”
Documentary/México/2001/Betacam SP/28min.
Independent project support by ITESO and Cinematographic Center in México City.

Feb. 2001 Photographer of “Emergencia civil”
Independent project support by ITESO

May. 1999 – Jun. 2001 Teaching photography in Kodak México

Jan. 1999 – Nov. 2000 Photographer and producer of “En el camino del surco” indigenous migration in México.
Independent project support by ITESO, University of Guadalajara and PACMYC.
•  Best documentary film 8a Television, Video and New Technologies Festival of Higher Education ANUIES, Mexico 2003
•  Best documentary film in category “Indigenous” CONTRA EL SILENCIO TODAS LAS VOCES Film Festival, México 2002
•  Best Documentary film PANTALLA DE CRISTAL Film Festival, México city México 2001
•  Best Documentary film VOLADERO International Film Festival, Monterrey México 2001
•  Best Documentary film CROMA International Film Festival, Guadalajara México 2001
Official Selection:
•  The best of the Fest in LATINO Film Festival, San Francisco California 2002
•  DOCUPOLIS International Film Festival, Barcelona Spain 2001

Jan. – Jul. 1999 Teaching photography in ITESO University

Sep. – Nov. 1997 Filmmaker “El zomby cacheton”
Animation/México/1997/16 mm/5min
Independent project support by Iberoamerican University

•  Audience award MEXICO CITY International Short Film Festival, México 1997.


Aug. 2001 – Jan. 2002 "popular Culture, reflecting the tradition"

Sep. 2001 "D" International Seminary for development of audio-visual industry
Distributed by Enrique Nicanor and Cayetana Mulero San Jose
ITESO University

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