el corno emplumado - a story from the sixties

The bilingual poetry magazine El Corno Emplumado/The Plumed Horn came out of Mexico City from 1962 til 1969 and was edited by the Mexican poet Sergio Mondragón and North American poet Margaret Randall. It formed part of the enormous amount of independent magazines that emerged in the sixties all over the world as part of a movement concerned with contemporary poetry and its practices. Widely distributed all over the world El Corno Emplumado/The Plumed Horn thus joined a mimeograph revolution, which for a decade rooted the poetic expression in an interconnected social space. The magazine created a network between poets, opening its pages to a large variety of aesthetic and political expressions and thoughts, and became very quickly a popular connection point for poets from different countries.

After a turbulent '68 where the Mexican government came down hard on both the student movement and the free expression of the artists, the Mexican editor Sergio Mondragón took off to the United States, and Margaret Randall, the editor of the last three issues together with poet Robert Cohen, finally fled to Cuba in '69. The magazine never made it into press again and essentially disappeared from the history of literature except for the imprint it left in the minds and acts of the poets who had been involved in the wide network it sustained during its 8 years of publication.

In 2002 we set out on a journey in an old pick-up, a journey that took us across the United States to Mexico and into the memories of those poets who 40 years earlier had been involved in El Corno Emplumado/The Plumed Horn . el corno emplumado - a story from the sixties is a documentary film about the visions and the building of the artistic expressions of the time. It is a film about a flourishing international community and how political possibilities can turn out to be of crucial significance. We hope it also tells the story about how magazines like El Corno keep being part of a living practice.

As creators we would like to thank all the poets who let us into their homes and shared their memories with us.

54 min./documentary/DVD/2005
Subtitles: English and Spanish
Extras: Poetry read by different El Corno-poets

Directors: Nicolenka Beltrán Fierro and Anne Mette W. Nielsen
Idea: Robert Schweitzer
Photography: Nicolenka Beltrán Fierro
Editors: Nicolenka Beltrán Fierro and Anne Mette W. Nielsen
Music: Jes Vang Poulsen, Panamerican and god speed you black emperor!
Graphic design: Bernardo González Huezo
Produced by: Ángulos Production

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Institutions: 500 pesos / US$50 plus mailing costs

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